"Call me Mrs. President!"

   23 February 2006, early morning

I watched Imagine Me and You with Matt, Kathleen, and Patrick last night at Varsity. The movie is a romantic comedy from Britain. Though cheesy at times—I suppose this it to expected—the movie is quite entertaining and funny. I think the British do a much better job of romantic comedies than Hollywood. The movie stars Piper Perabo as a confused new bride, who finds herself attracted to her wedding florist. (I should add that Piper Perabo is very cute, and she has a very sexy accent.) Matthew Goode plays her perfect, but not a woman, husband. The cast is full of funny actors and actresses. (Anthony Head plays Piper’s father in the film, and is particularly good.) The movie is quite enjoyable to watch.

The official Imagine Me and You web site.



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