In A Mirror, Darkly

    4 May 2005, early morning

“Did you see the new Enterprise? It puts the Ho back in Hoshi,” said Dave some time last week.

Ho? Hoshi? I haven’t watched Enterprise in quite some time, but if they managed to slut up Hoshi I thought why not give the show another chance. I could only imagine what they’ve done to T’Pol.

In a Mirror, Darkly (part 1 and part 2 ) is another look at the Star Trek mirror universe. The mirror universe was featured on Deep Space Nine and in the original Star Trek. Basically, it’s like our universe, only everyone is evil. There was no interaction between the real characters from Enterprise and their mirror counterparts in these episodes, so the writers had a lot of freedom with what they could do on the show. Basically, the two episodes don’t effect anything whatsoever in terms of continuity. The plot basically follows enterprise as they track down a ship from our future that has wandered back in time into the mirror universe. Evil Archer wants to use the ship to put down a rebellion being waged against the evil Federation (called the Terran Empire in the mirror universe).

They definitely put the Ho back in Hoshi. She’s looking quite good on the show. T’Pol is as always looking good. That said, It’s a shame they let Enterprise get so bad. I thought the first season was quite good. They shouldn’t need to resort to such blatant attempts at getting ratings through overt sexuality. Though to be fair, the first season did have the decontamination room.

If you haven’t watched Enterprise before, the two parts of In a Mirror, Darkly are probably worth watching since they are independent of the rest of the series.



  1. There’s also two audio commentaries for the episodes (1, 2).

  2. Cool. The two links to the episode details also have links to reviews and analysis of the shows. The analysis of the shows is interesting.

  3. One thing I didn’t like was how Earth could subjugate the Vulcans in just one generation after stealing one of their ships.

  4. Well if the Vulcans fought back, think of the damage they would do to our primitive race. They couldn’t do that to us!

    As a more realistic take on things, probably Babylon 5 w/ Humans vs. Minbari would be more realistic for you Dave. =)

    I know how you love the ladies Ram, you love it being ho’ed up. =) Did you catch it on TV?

  5. No. I downloaded the episodes off the internet. It’s the best way to watch television. Well, except for the fact my laptop has a small-ass screen.

  6. Neat, I gotta get those episodes. I’m totally out of the loop on Trek these days, such as it is, since it has steadily degenerated, but from what I understand, Manny Coto is one of the people responsible for righting the ship that is Enterprise. Too little too late though.

  7. I saw these and thought wtf – they have only a couple episodes left; couldn’t they use it constructively? I guess it’s proof that Enterprise has truely sunk that low. They were certainly novel though.

  8. there is a small but horrifying typo in this entry. 4th paragraph, “they definitely put the Ho back in Hitoshi”. Normally I care little for typos or the snobs that point them out. But dear god Ram, this will keep me up at night.

    I’ve already got the shakes man, have some decency!

  9. Fixed. When I wrote this entry up actually, every time I meant to write Hoshi I wrote Hitoshi. It was only after I finished that I realized there isn’t a character called Hitoshi on the show.

  10. Oh sure, when I point out your typos you fix them and quickly delete my comments.

    Seems kind of stupid to go to the trouble to create a parallel universe where everyone is an evil duplicate of the normal universe except the Vulcans; they’re totally the same, only even bigger pussies.

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