In Good Company

    5 July 2005, evening time

I woke up Sunday morning with nothing to do and a stack of DVDs. I had been meaning to see In Good Company for quite some time, but no one I knew ever wanted to rent it. I watched it by myself, and thought it was quite nice. The movie is a comedy about an older man who is demoted when his company gets bought by some huge mega-corp; his replacement is a boy half his age. Dennis Quaid plays the old man, and Topher Grace plays the young man; they were pretty hilarious together. The film is charming at times. Topher Grace’s character is thoroughly pitiable; he’s kind of like a lost puppy dog, you just feel bad for him throughout the whole film. The movie takes a look at what it means to be happy. The atypical ending was a nice touch.

The official In Good Company web site.



  1. He gets Scarlett Johanson, so it cannot be all bad.

  2. He did not! Anyways, he didn’t have her for very long. :s

  3. dude, forget the ending. the credits plays iron&wine’s fan-fucking-tastic 9-minute “trapeze swinger”.

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