19 July 2010, terribly early in the morning

I watched Inception last night at the Paramount downtown. The show we wanted to watch at 7:30 was sold out. As was the following show at 8:00. I didn’t think things would be so busy on a Sunday. We ended up watching the very packed 9:00 show. Inception is amazing. My God, it’s so damn good. The film is about a group of people who invade people’s dreams to try and steal information, a process they call extraction. The group is hired by a Japanese business man to do the opposite: plant an idea in someone’s head, a (possibly impossible) process they call inception. The film features a pretty stellar cast, some insane special effects, and a really well thought out and intricate story. Christopher Nolan is an amazing director, and this film is a really good example of what a big budget film can be. All the elements of the film come together perfectly. The moral of the film seems to be: “Kill yourself! Your life is probably a dream!” (Well, no; not really.) Watch Inception. Nothing else you plan to do could possibly be as important as watching this film.

The official Inception web site.



  1. Inception was everything I didn’t let myself hope it would be. I will be seeing it again.

  2. It was unreal…I’m definitely seeing it again as it blew my mind. Now the debate rages on as to what is his masterpiece..this, the dark knight, memento…I got an email from mahi and all it said was “I just saw Inception, my brain is melting”

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