It is so damn hot

    1 August 2006, early morning

I sometimes get the feeling foreigners have this impression that Canada is cold all the damn time. It is cold in the winter, but it is freakishly hot in the summer. Today it is 36 degrees out. It will probably feel even hotter when you take in to account the humidity. My house doesn’t have air conditioning and I think I am going to die.



  1. damn you people. I hate winter. SO much. Its so freakin’ cold here. I wish it was hot all the time. We can’t go around complaining about both the hot and the cold. pick one, love the other.

  2. Normally I’m all about the heat as well, but this is just insane.

  3. juan i’m with you. ‘course, i’ve got a/c so it’s easy to take that position

  4. Only 36 degrees? Man, it’s almost freezing there. It’s almost 100 degrees here today.

    Haha. Stupid American me.

  5. Waterloo is damn hot also. It is 31 here plus humidity probably a fair bit higher. I will probably start taking refuge in MC soon. I can’t do anything in my res. I break a sweat sitting down.

  6. seattle, nice and cool. no humidity. suckas.

  7. It’s hotter by a bit in Sauga, we had a tour of the warehouse today and all those guys work 9 hour days with NO A/C. I was saluting those mofo’s as I walked past them, cus that shit is ridiculous! My apologies to the environment, but A/C is the greatest invention ever. Krishna since you don’t have it, do what Homer did, and just make a tent with the fridge/freezer door open.

  8. I think last night was the hottest I’ve been in my entire life. God damn. My room is like an oven. I can’t imagine working a9 hour shift in a factory with no A/C. Those guys are national heroes.

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