It's So Unfair

   15 May 2007, terribly early in the morning

I watched Arrested Development, from start to finish, one more time with Shima. Its just as good to second time through. I still can’t believe they canceled this show. Well, I can. That’s how things go on TV. The good stuff rarely lasts. We get 3 versions of CSI, 8 versions of Law and Order, but one show about a crazy-ass family? That’s just too much for TV to bear.



  1. I watched most of that series from start to finish too. I watched it completely out of order, which I found made it even funnier. They drop a lot of hints about what is going to happen. Buster losing his hand was alluded to for like 8 episodes before it happened. The show is brilliant.

  2. How I miss you AD :(

    I had about a dozen friends hooked on the show before it canceled.

    And those last four episodes were on my birthday too – bitterwsweet!

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