IVONA - princess of burgundia

   29 August 2008, terribly early in the morning

I watched IVONA – Princess of Burgundia last night. It’s an old absurdist Polish play that was re-imagined by Ted Witzel and the Red Light District theatre group, and put on at the Gladstone. It was a strange ass play. I suppose that was to be expected. The play was certainly entertaining and funny. The story is about a prince who feels compelled to marry this wretched lady that annoys everyone with her wretchedness. I thought the second act dragged a little bit, but it picks up at the end. The dance numbers were awesome. The actors stay in character from the time you arrive till the end of the play. They wander about before the show starts. Checkers, the maid, was particularly funny. She is cleaning and setting up the set when you arrive, and spends most of the play in a small side room closet thing, doing her own thing. I thought everyone did a great job with their roles. The play is probably worth checking out if you’re into theatre. I quite liked it.



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