Jet Lag

   12 January 2006, terribly early in the morning

It’s 4:01 AM and I’ve been up since around 2:00 AM. I have such horrible jet lag. I should check to see how Steph and Gary are holding up. I need to “wake up” in 3 hours for work. I can’t being to describe how much I am looking forward to that.



  1. Mine’s not doing so good, I woke up at 8pm the day after we got back. :D But I don’t have anything to do. heh.

  2. Don’t you find jet lag is easier to get used to when you travel forward in time? (I mean heading to Europe or Japan, not Vancouver).

  3. No, it’s worse. When I went home for Christmas I couldn’t sleep until 3.30 am for about a week.

  4. I’m with Ryan. I had no problems in Japan at all. I was out late and up early (well perhaps that is signs of a problem?), but back here in Canada i’ve had a couple rough days.

  5. Do you become more prone to jet lag the older you are. I remember the last time we went to Sydney I was fine after we came back, but that was like 6 years ago.

  6. I think when I came back from Japan, I slept for 14 hours and then I was back to normal. I need to go back, I feel like i didn’t get to enjoy it enough.

  7. Try pulling an all-nighter by not sleeping then just hit the hay at 12am the next day. That mostly seems to work for me, and then you become normal again

  8. I found the optimal way to do it was to schedule my arrivals for the morning (local time) and just stay awake during the day. Didn’t really matter what the time difference was, spending the day awake helped get my body in sync.

    I can’t sleep on planes either, so I suppose mine’s the all-nighter method as well.

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