2 January 2008, evening time

Shima and I watched Juno at the Varsity tonight. It was a pretty packed house. Juno is about a teenage girl who finds herself pregnant, and decides to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption. The cast is great: the lead is played by Ellen Page, Michael Cera plays the father, Jason Batemen and Jennifer Garner play the adoptive parents to be. The movie is witty and sarcastic throughout, but ends on a sweet and touching note. It’s a very good film, well worth watching.

The official Juno web site.



  1. I’ve seen it twice now, and loved it even more the second time. People keep asking if it’s like Superbad or other such movies. It’s got some humor in the same vein, but this movie is much more about treating serious, heavy topics with enough humor to keep you sane.

    It’s really quite excellent.

  2. The Korean version “Jenny and Juno” is also quite good.

  3. Yes, Juno was great. What I really loved was that very little of the humor felt like set pieces or gags, it was just embedded right there in their dialogue or actions.

  4. The characters and the dialogue were so awesome! The soundtrack is fun too!

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