2 September 2004, late at night

I love Persian food—well, kebabs at the very least. Tonight my dad, brother, and I checked out a new Persian restaurant out. The place was mentioned in the Toronto Star a few weeks back, and Martha passed a link to the article on to me. Now the article was hyping this place up big time, so I was expecting good things. The place is really just an Iranian grocery store and butcher shop, with a grill. We ordered two orders of chicken kebabs, and one order of a beef kebab, though it may have been ground lamb. Everything was excellent. I don’t know if I’ve had a bad kebab from a Persian place yet. So, this may mean that kebabs truly are the greatest food in the world, or it may mean that I’m just not picky when it comes to kebabs. Either way, Mr. Fresh Meat Chicken is worth checking out.



  1. YAY.. and by the way everything persian is the best! :P

    and you really need to start trying real persian food. you can’t just live on kebobs, you know that right?

  2. shima, i think you’re wasting your breath…. i’m sure people have been telling him the same thing about coke, look how that turned out?

    as far as persion food goes, you know my opninion… but i personally prefer shandiz over zaffron. I think it’s like home cooking, i’m just more used to it, so anything else will never be as good. That, and the service at zaffron is quite lacking.

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