4 August 2010, terribly early in the morning

I watched Larry Clark’s Kids again with Shima earlier this week. I guess she wanted to watch it after reading the article I linked to about the film. The movie begins and ends with children raping children. In between there is a lot of amoral behaviour. It’s about as horrific as I remembered it. I have no idea why I own Kids. It’s definitely a movie you only need to see once. It does feature a kick-ass soundtrack, so that should count for something.

More information about Kids on Larry Clark’s website.



  1. I remember seeing this when I was about 21. I was very shocked by it until my viewing companion said the actors were all her age (same age as me). Somehow that made it seem more like a work of fiction, which made it feel safer.

  2. Yeah, it seems like most of the kids were in their very early 20s when the film was made. Even Yakira Peguero, who plays Darcy, and looks like a little kid, was in her 20s. I wonder if the first girl in the film was. She looks like a baby. Damn. Leo Fitzpatrick (Telly) was 17, which is kind of creepy. Rosario Dawson was 16 when the film was made, but she wasn’t actually doing anything particularly skeezy. Rosario Dawson is only a year older than me, so we could totally go out.

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