King Kong

   21 December 2005, early morning

For the most part, everyone in the world knows how King Kong ends. As such, for the movie to be compelling it needs be more then a series of good plot twists; you need to leave the theatre with something more than knowing how the movie ends. Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong is excellent. For a movie about a giant monkey, it’s surprisingly touching. This is probably due in part to the incredible special effects, which really do bring Kong to life. I would suspect credit for this goes to both Andy Serkis (Golum from Lord of the Rings) who plays Kong, as well as the animators who turn Serkis’ movements into what you see on the screen. The campy 30s style story also works well, and doesn’t feel all too campy in this retelling. Naomi Watts gives a good performance, as does Adrien Brody. Jack Black, who plays the jerk of a movie producer, plays his part perfectly. People have complained of the film’s slow start, but I think the pacing is important for the movie. More so, the last 2 hours of the film really fly by. I think Kong is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. It is stunning to watch. I read a review in the Star that said something to the effect of, “If you don’t love this movie, you’re incapable of loving movies.” Strong words, but I would have to agree. Watch this movie.

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