1 April 2004, late morning

Here is a link to Kinja, the weblog guide. In particular, it is a link to my user page, which contains the latest posts from blogs that I read.

Kinja lets you make a digest of all the weblogs you read. They have programs that will scan those weblogs and when a new post is made, list the result. Kinja seems a bit imperfect, since Shima’s weblog has yet to show up in my digest. The service is currently a beta release, and is probably still not quite perfect.



  1. KINJA sucks!!! :( it doesn’t “make a digest for (my) blog” 8o|

  2. Yeah. I’m actually a bit disappointed with Kinja as well. It’s a big mess to read. What I want is something where the titles of the links in my header contain a last-updated time-stamp from each of the people in my list of links.

  3. I continue to find that Kinja works very poorly even after all these months. It simply does not work properly. What a disappointment!!!

    I am ready to jump to better competitor. Can anybody recommend a site like Kinja that actually works?

  4. I use Bloglines now. It’s much better in my opinion.

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