Kinja: Reprise

   27 April 2004, lunch time

For those of you having trouble getting your websites processed by Kinja, try adding a Atom or RSS feed to your site. Shima’s site is now being processed by Kinja, although it was not before.

If you use Moveable Type or Blogger this is done for you automatically. You just need to include a link to your feed in your URL, like I am doing on this site for example. Making your own RSS feed yourself isn’t too hard a task, but it is easier if you have a program that does it for you.

For those who don’t know, Atom and RSS are syndication formats. Atom is a newer format, whose popularity stems from the fact it is the default (only) syndication format available for use within Blogger. RSS is an older format, though there are in fact several conflicting versions of RSS available for use.



  1. Hey, great “Dive Into Mark” link- CRAZINESS!

  2. Mark Pilgrim is a bit of a nut, but I am pretty addicted to his site. The links he finds are usually pretty good as well.

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