Korean BBQ

    4 September 2003, late evening

I could speak at great lengths on the joy that is Korean bbq. The premise is the following: you go to the restaurant, they bring you plates of raw meat, you cook the meat at a grill in your table. The whole thing is all you can eat. It’s fun to go and do. I don’t think there is anything all too Korean about it though. All the Korean BBQ places in Toronto are run by Chinese people.

My friend Zeyd is leaving for Kingston soon to head back to University. Actually, we all are going back to our respective corners of Ontario. Zeyd wanted to meet up before leaving. Our original plan was to get some sushi, though those plans changed quickly enough. This whole dinner was almost a debacle.

Talking to my friend Dave in the afternoon, I got the impression no one was going to show up. Mez was out trying to get a new computer, and word on the street was that he wasn’t interested in sushi for the third day in a row. Prasanna’s car had been stolen. (His damn old accord taken right from his driveway! The car won’t even drive on the highway.) Carvill didn’t know there was a dinner to attend at all. Somehow things worked out, and when I got home from work people trickled in one after another.

This picture is of Mezan and Prasanna as we head to the restaurant.



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