Kung-Fu Hustle

    3 May 2005, late evening

Stephen Chow is really coming along as a director. I thought his latest effort, Kung-Fu Hustle, was really good. The film has touches of comedy, but is for the most part an old-school gangster film crossed with an old-school martial-arts film. The movie is a bit light on plot, but it makes up for it with some really good fight sequences. With the state of special effects nowadays, creative people can do some pretty impressive things that just couldn’t be done before with wires alone. The movie itself is put together quite well. I think Chow has a good eye for cinema. I think in the next few years we can expect more good films from him.

The official Kung-Fu Hustle web site



  1. He also directed God of Cookery which is really good.

  2. Yeah God of Cookery was hilarious, didnt know he directed it. Must watch it again!

  3. I love God of Cookery. I could really use something out of a clay pot right now!

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