Layer Cake

    5 September 2005, late morning

I watched Layer Cake yesterday afternoon with Mezan and Dave. Layer Cake is somewhat similar to Snatch and Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels, but is much more serious than those two Guy Ritchie films. Where as they are both a little bit over-the-top in their style and substance, Layer Cake aims to be a pretty serious look at the life of a British gangster. (Well, the sort of fictional exciting gangster they make movies about anyway.) The plot is pretty good, and the characters in the film are all pretty interesting; Colm Meaney plays another hard as nails cunt. The film also has a kick-ass soundtrack.

The official Layer Cake web site.



  1. Man, even the bad reviews at Rotten Tomatoes make me want to watch this movie.

  2. Seriously—all the bad review snippits make it sounds so good: A propulsive drug-world movie that dutifully covers similar ground in and around London: guns, chicks, inventive use of the F word, expensive-looking locations, designer stuff, and so on. And this is bad how?