Leaving the Ghostlands

    9 February 2007, terribly early in the morning

Satyavati in Deatholme

My Blood Elf hit level 20 and change in the Ghostlands, the zone just south of the Blood Elf starting zone, Eversong Woods. Compared to the Undead starting zone, Eversong Woods and Ghostlands both feel like they have some history to them. (They both figure prominently in Warcraft III, so this may be why I liked them so much.) The quests are much better thought out in these two zones, compared to those in Trifal Glades and Silverpine. You end up traveling throughout the whole area, and the various quest-chains all relate to one another, and sort of push forward an overall story-arc forward. Things culminate in Deatholme, where you have to kill some evil archmage. Once this is done, you fly off to Undercity to start adventuring throughout the rest of Azeroth.

One of your last tasks in the Ghostlands is to return a necklace to Lady Sylvanas, who is the Queen of the Undead. She used to be an Elf, much like my character, but in Warcraft III, Arthas turns her into a wraith. When you give her back the necklace (the end of a quest), this cool Lord of the Rings sounding sequence begins. I haven’t encountered any other cut-scense like this one in the game.

This post is dedicated to my friend Cathy. She lives on a boat.

Satyvati and Sylvanas Windrunner



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