28 February 2004, the wee hours

I miss my SLR. I do love my digital camera, don’t get me wrong. The freedom to take pictures of whatever I want is too good to give up. The instant gratification of seeing how the shot turned out is excellent. Still, I miss my SLR. I think this camera from Leica, the Digilux 2, is what I want.



  1. 1800 USD. God Damn.

  2. What happened to your SLR?

  3. I have it up here. I haven't used it in a while, because the battery for the light meter died. I'll probably get a new battery this week and take it out again. The weather is getting sunny, may as well.

  4. Apparently panasonic makes a very similar camera that costs 500 dollars less. interesting. read about it at kottke.org.

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