Let's Go To Waterloo

   20 May 2004, evening time

Steph has decided that driving up to Waterloo on a Wednesday is a good way to break the monotony that is a week of doing nothing—I’d have to agree with her. I drove up to Waterloo last night with Steph to go to the Bomber and to see Shima.

Steph and I arrived in Waterloo a bit after 7:00. This gave us time to go to the best (and only) Persian restaurant in the city, Shandiz. The menu on the wall at Shandiz had changed, but the food was still the same. I had a Chicken Kebab, and ordered the eggplant dish I always get for everyone to share. The food was great. I have become quite fond of Persian food. Though, when I say Persian food, I suppose I mean the eggplant dish and kebabs. Gary and Shima came to dinner with us as well, and when we were all done, I left for Shima’s place with the two of them.

The chairs in Shandiz

Gary and I had to convince Shima to come to the bomber with us, but I’m glad she ended up coming. The bomber is one of those places you need to be drunk to enjoy. Suffice it to say, none of us were really enjoying the bomber last night. The music was good for a period of time mind you. They played a really good set of old school hip-hop.

The highlight of the evening would be Steph and her leather bodice. Now, Steph isn’t much of a Goth, but she does enjoys a good sale. So, seeing a real leather bodice on sale, she snatched it up. The bodice looks very Victorian, and looks like it fits about as well as something made during the Victorian era. Every so often Steph would come over after dancing, or standing around for that matter, her face flush, complaining how she couldn’t breathe. We’d laugh and make jokes. She’d reply, “no, I’m serious, I can’t breathe.” Steph has the best outfits.



  1. yay for persian food. :D
    and steph’s bodice was super nice! :)

  2. What, no photos?

  3. I didn’t take any. Maybe Steph will post some on her site. Gary had his camera, but I don’t recall if he took any photos.

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