Level 50

    6 December 2006, early morning

My interest in World of Warcraft really seemed to peak when my Warlock reached level 40-something, and then started to decline sharply when I quickly discovered there wasn’t really anything interesting to do. Running around in the Hinterlands killing wolves and trolls is fun for a few minutes, but doing this for hours and hours gets tired fast. I slowly managed to inch my way up to level 49, and in fact was just a bar or two short of reaching level 50 when I sort of forgot about the game. I’ve been watching Smallville in my spare time at home, and as such couldn’t be bothered to grind through another level in World of Warcraft.

Yesterday Blizzard released their latest patch to the game, which included a revamped talent tree amongst other things. It was a huge patch, meant to be released with the next expansion. Since the expansion was delayed, they pushed the patch out early. The big changes are a new PvP Honour System, a new Arena Battle Ground, a new Looking for Group tool, and some new Talents. Since I like my demons too much, I picked up all the demon related talents for the Warlock. After re-specing I was off to kill monsters and try out my skills. I hit level 50 quite quickly. Then the server started crashing quite regularly and I decided that was enough World of Warcraft for the day.

I’m going to try and do some instances, since I haven’t really done many since I started playing the game months ago. My quest to reach level 60 continues.



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