Level 60 - Woot!

   25 January 2007, early morning

There is a monster in the Outlands called the Fel Reaver, which will kill your ass if you stand around to let it. My Warlock ran as fast as he could.

Running from a Fel Reaver

As it is quite cold outside, I continue to spend my time in doors playing World of Warcraft. I have been dividing my time between my new Blood Elf Paladin, and my good old Warlock. When I got home from work, I was about half way to level 60 — the level I’ve been trying to reach for months and months; last night my character finally reached this milestone. I suppose calling it a milestone makes it sound more important than it actually is, but really, I’ve been doing so little else with my time I’ll take a virtual achievement when I get it. For a long while I didn’t think I’d play enough to ever get to this point in the game. It took me 13 days played to get to this point, which I played over the course of 9 months. To put that in the context of other people that play, some fellow did the same thing I did in 3 days played, over the course of less than 10 days. Playing the last 2 levels in the Outlands probably sped the process up a fair bit; the quests and monsters give a fair amount more XP then the quests and monsters in Azeroth. Also, since I was playing with Gary, it was easy to complete a lot of quests quickly. It’s a bit anti-climatic at this point in time. I have the expansion, so this isn’t the last level a character can reach anymore. That said, I don’t know if reaching level 70 will feel the same.

Rahmunan is level 60



  1. Grats! I just hit 70 on my Orc Hunter on Burning Legion. I am loving the expansion. The new content is amazing :)

  2. Sorry Ram, did you mean to say you were a Loser? :P

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