17 June 2013, lunch time

I watched Kick-Ass over the weekend. I had missed it in the cinemas. It’s one of those, “what if superheroes were real” movies, based on a comic book of the same name. What sets it apart from most comic book films is probably its excessive violence. Also, it stars Nicolas Cage, who is fantastic in his role as the Batman-like Big Daddy. There are some pretty great action sequences. The fact they are super bloody is a nice bonus. If you haven’t seen Kick-Ass you should check it out.

The official Kick-Ass website.



  1. Did you recognize some of the locations? I saw it at the Scotiabank on Richmond, and at the scene where he goes to the movies everyone in our theatre was all, “hey!”

  2. It’s funny, I mostly just tune out the “hey that’s Toronto” when watching movies now. I don’t think I noticed anything while watching!

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