Little Jesus

   27 April 2005, late morning

Little Jesus was the third film I watched at this years HotDocs festival. I should have bought a pass. The movie is a look at how the lives of the filmmaker Andre-Line Beauparlant and her family were effected by the birth (and death) of her brother Sebastien. Her brother is born severely handicapped, which places a heavy strain on her family. Each member deals with this strain differently. It’s interesting to see how each person reacted to the boy; for some he is seen as the very embodiment of God, for others he is a sad figure that evokes their pity and nothing more. I thought her brother was the most interesting person in the film. Sebastien’s life and death seems to have had the biggest effect on him. The movie was quite good. If you are interested at all in religion, it’s pretty interesting at times.

Information about Little Jesus at the HotDocs web site



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