3 April 2009, terribly early in the morning

— What do you for a living
— I’m a software developer.
— Where?

— And where are you staying
— Maida Vale
— That’s a big place.
— I don’t know his real address. I can give you my friends.

— And your brother, who you are staying with, how long has he been in London?
— A year or so. But he’s a British citizen. So am I.
— How’s that?
— We were born here.
— What?

He looks at my passport.

— Man, you should have said from the start, I would have asked you fewer questions.

And that’s how I got into London .



  1. Lol… classic! Enjoy yourselves!

  2. My last visit through customs at Heathrow was pretty good. It went something like this:

    Me: <gives passport and completed landing card to customs officer>

    Him: Are you aware that British Citizens do not need to complete a landing card?

    Me: Sorry, it’s feels like 4am right now and I wasn’t thinking.

    Him: Have you ever entered Great Britain using this passport before?

    Me: Yes, of course. <incredulously>

    Him: In that case, welcome home sir.

    Me: Thanks!

  3. That’s a fail. I thought the first thing they do is look at your passport.

  4. It’s a Canadian passport. If he looked to see where I was born, it’s the UK. Shima was born in Iran. I guess he thought we were totally suspect.

  5. Dude, you didn’t enter on the UK passport? It’s awesome. Welcome home, man! Welcome home!

  6. Isn’t there a short-cut line for EU citizens?

  7. That fast track line is only useful if Shima can use it as well. Immigration was actually pretty quick I thought. We had our bags and were waiting outside in like 20 minutes tops i’d say.

  8. any pictures?

  9. I once got this after an overnight flight on no sleep:

    Her: Who are you staying with?

    Me: My girlfriend.

    Her: Where does she live?

    Me: She’s in London.

    Her: And you live in Toronto?

    Me: Yes. She’s emigrating.

    Her: But she lives here for now? And she’s a British citizen?

    Me: Yes.

    Her: And she’s emigrating… what, to be with you?

    Me: …Hey!

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