Lost Season 2: Episodes 10 ~ 16

   27 March 2006, early evening

1 episode down, 6 more to go. I had fallen behind in Lost recently. There was a period of time when downloading files through Bit Torrent was incredibly slow, and because of this I had stopped downloading the show. Today, I queued up all the episodes I was missing and headed off to work. I just finished watching episode 10, which provides some of the back story for Mr. Echo. Damn. This show never lets up.

Update: Episode 10: Damn. Update: Episode 11: Damn. Update: Episode 12: Damn. Update: Episode 13: Damn. Sawyer you dirt-dog. Update: Episode 14: Damn. Update: Episode 15: Damn. The fact that the episode was in high-res was a nice bonus as well. This seems like a pretty pivotal episode. I wonder what they’ll bust out in Episode 16. Update: Episode 16: Damn.

It seems like the show is taking a more sinister turn in the later half of the series. Several of the characters are far more dark now than at the beginning. There is nothing more awesome then binging on Lost.



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