26 June 2004, terribly early in the morning

I can now say I have been to the nicest club in Toronto.

Tonight was Steph’s birthday. We celebrated by heading out to a new club, Lucid, that has filled the vacant space left after Pladium closed. Lucid is three stories, and looks like something out of a movie. Everything about the club is nice and slick. Whoever designed the place did a great job.

The club was empty mind you. Not totally empty, but it may as well have been. Pladium was huge; this club is also huge. The capacity on the first floor of the club was something like 1021 people, according to a sign on the wall. The club has two other floors that weren’t even open. Lucid is the sort of place you need a lot of people to show up to, or it’ll just look far too empty. Unfortunately for the owners, they didn’t get that critical mass of people needed to keep people in the club. While we were there we saw plenty of people walk in, take a look around, and then promptly walk out. If you show up to a place at midnight, you are expecting a party, not a 100 or so people standing on a dance floor that can accommodate ten times that many people.

All in all, I think Lucid is going to be one of the nicer spots in the city.

(Happy birthday Steph!)



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