Marvel 1602

   18 January 2005, late evening

Just before finishing Quicksilver, I read one of the most interesting Marvel comics I’ve read in quite some time, Marvel 1602. Neil Gaiman came back from a hiatus from the comic industry to write this 8 part series for Marvel that re-imagines the Marvel universe in the 1600s. You’ll recognize several superheroes right off the bat; some characters you’ll probably puzzle over till their identities are revealed in stunning plot twists. The story is more then just a silly what-if comic. The plot has more to it then the novelty of its setting. The story is superb. I really enjoyed it. There are plenty of twists and turns, and the conclusion is quite good. There will definitely be a sequel, as the ending is so open ended.

I was talking to my cousin about how I can afford to buy comics now at 24, when really it would have been nice to be able to buy them when I was 14.



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