6 July 2005, the wee hours

I finally saw Memento. What a great film. Guy Pearce stars as a man who is trying to track down the person that raped and killed his wife. The catch is, he can’t remember anything a few minutes after it happens. The film basically has two stories, one going backwards in time, the other going forwards in time. You’d be surprised how intriguing a movie can be when you know how the story ends. The actual ending of Memento is really incredible. I didn’t expect it to twist as much as it did. This is definitely a must see film.

The official Memento web site.



  1. Ram, you watch like a thousand movies a year, and yet waited this long to see Memento? For shame, for shame!

    Seriously, it’s pretty awesome. What did you think about the strange Sammy Jankis sideplot? A lot of people I know are convinced that Pearce’s character really is Jankis, and that the rest of it is all just a delusion. I’ve watched this movie many times and still can’t come to a definitive conclusion.

    [ed. spoilers in black, select text to view what was written]

  2. I think Jankis is real, but that Pearce’s character has blurred the lines between his life and Sammy’s life together. I thought his tattoo in that last flash back before the end, the tattoo over his heart, was the creepiest part of the whole film. Man I’m so impressed with this film.

    [ed. spoilers in black, select text to view what was written]

  3. I thought there was some government cover up going on on your site. Yes, I’m paranoid. It’s the governments fault I am.

  4. No, I’m not being censored just yet.

    I think I will work on modifying the textile code my site uses so that so that text between two question marks is blacked out as above, just like the text between two underscores is italicized. Then I can let people actually comment about movies without spoiling it for others.

  5. There’s a commercial version of the DVD which allows you to watch the scenes in chronological order, after you’ve answered an annoying series of questions. If you want to check it out, I can hand it off to you.

  6. Don’t want to sound like an automated recommendation engine but..

    If you liked Memento, you will like The Machinist.

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