Miami Vice

    8 August 2006, late at night

Late last night my friends and I went to Paramount to see Miami Vice. Most have us have been pretty excited about seeing this film for quite some time. Michael Mann’s last film, Collateral was pretty damn good, so we all had high hopes for this film as well. The movie follows to vice cops, Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell, who go undercover to catch some evil drug dealers. (In the process they meet the super-awesome Gong Li, who plays the white-collar money manager of the criminal syndicate.) I liked the film a fair bit. It’s not as good as Collateral, but it’s still pretty damn good. There are some cool gun fights, and some cool boats, some steamy sex, and a fair amount of violence. What more can you ask for from a movie?

The official Miami Vice web site.



  1. I thought it was alright. If I could go back in time and enter Paramount knowing what I know now, I don’t think I would have bought Miami Vice tickets.

  2. I think if you take out all the scenes with Gong Li, the movie would be better.

  3. But Gong Li is awesome.

  4. So did those guys that frisked them do a really bad job or was that grenade just stuck up his anus?

  5. Yeah, what was up with that?

  6. Gong Li didn’t seem comfortable enough with English to be effective.

    The high-def camera made things often seem too grainy. It would’ve been nice if they gave the movie a smoother film-look at times.

    Vice seems like Mann taking some of the elements from Heat and Collateral to an extreme; the spare dialogue, minimal context, pseudo-documentary style, and technical realism. I don’t think a Miami Vice movie should be quite this gritty.

    Although it had its moments, I thought it could’ve been a lot better overall.

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