Mmmm, Delicious

    7 July 2009, early morning

As you may know, I love Threadless. This came up again recently at a fund raising post-bar-exam party Tiff threw. I mentioned in passing that I really like Threadless shirts that have cute cartoon characters doing ridiculous things. For exanmple, Cookie Loves Milk. I also mentioned a shirt my brother recently bought, which features a piece of toast putting jam on itself. That toast is so happy. Tiff, in addition to being a lawyer and a marathon runner, is also a baker. For my birthday she turned the t-shirt into a cake. And this wasn’t some half-assed endeavour: the cake was crazy. (She also entered the cake in a contest, which turns out to be a MetaFilter Project.) I felt bad chopping the cake up.



  1. That cake is freaking crazy…I never got into Threadless T-shirts, but flicking through the site they do seem nice..You had one that I think Jana also had..Ugh, I need to find out which one

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