Unpacking My MOO Flickr MiniCards

    3 October 2006, terribly early in the morning

MOO is a company that makes tiny business cards that feature photos from your Flickr stream. I ordered a free 10-pack of cards from them as part of a promotion they ran to announce the service. They gave away 10,000 cards (in sets of 10) to Flickr Pro users.

The cards arrived today. They came in a small envelope. Inside the envelope was a colourfull card, with a little slot that contained the 10 cards I ordered.

On the back of the card was a short message explaining what the cards were all about.

The first card was a message indicating I was MOO’s new best friend. Nice.

The cards are on thick slices of cardboard. The prints aren’t bad; they look like the sort of thing a fancy ink-jet printer might produce. Some prints turned out quite nice, but for several the colours seem a bit flat, and the contrast a bit lacking.

The back of the card can be customized with a short message of your choice. These could make neat calling cards. You can order a set of 100 cards for $20 USD. This sounds pricey for small business cards, but then again they look cool and don’t require any design effort whatsoever on your part.



  1. Damn that is very nice. Be sure to give me a business card.

  2. oh ya! i made it on one of them.

  3. Very cool.

  4. can i have one too? i will pay the shipping to adelaide ;)

    this sort of reminds me of the card that gruber sends you when you became a member. except this feels lot more personal!

  5. I really like them too. How expensive is it to print cards that thick?

  6. have you tried the service again since then?

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