More on my iPod

   19 January 2004, early afternoon

I’ve been mucking around with my iPod since it arrived yesterday. I’ve been ripping my CD’s for the past few days, and am probably a third of the way done now. Right now my iPod is just filled with my albums. I’m not sure if I can get my entire CD collection on the iPod, but here is hoping. (I’m probably going to rip all my ‘fan ban’ chinese cd’s at 128 bit ACC to save space.)

You’ve probably read plenty of stuff on people raving about how great their iPods are, so I will try and tell you some things I’ve noticed that apple could improve on. First, the touch wheel is really sensitive, a bit too sensitive. It seems far to easy to accidently have your iPod do stuff while it is just sitting in your pocket. Secondly, I don’t like the way apple has engineered the syncing mechanism. It works nice if you want your iPod to mirror your iTunes music collection, but if this is not for you there are no real alternatives besides manually managing your music. I was hoping that I could upload all my albums, erase them from my hard drive, and then select some play lists in iTunes that I want to iPod to keep in sync with. I am hoping Apple will improve the syncing in a new release of iTunes.

All that said, the thing is very nice. I’m liking it so far.



  1. Isn't there a lock-mode you can put it in so you can carry it around?

  2. Yeah, that is what i've been using, but the hold button is like a pain to push back and forth.

  3. Do you have one of those tiny bags you can put it in? They should cushion any impacts that hit the wheel.

  4. yeah.. i have my minidisk and walkman case.. the case I ordered from RadTech is supposed to help make the thing less sensitive, I will let you know when I get it. All in all I'm liking the thing.

  5. that's one thing i like about heat-sensitive touchpads. of course, then you can't use them with gloves one.

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