Mouse support in VIM

   17 October 2005, early morning

One day I will write a longer post about VIM, and how it is the bees-knees if you need to edit text, on UNIX, in a GUI-less environment. Till that day, I will share this little tid-bit I discovered while reading Slashdot’s post on the release of VIM 6.4. You can reposition the cursor in VIM using the mouse if you use the following command: set mouse=a. There is a lot of geeky humor in the thread, for example: “I hope they fixed the bug that made you type all those weird key combinations to write to a file and save.” If you don’t think that’s funny, it’s because you are a lamer.



  1. I hope they include Intellisense in Vim 7. I should really donate to the guy, I think I’ve installed it on every single computer I’ve had to use for more than a couple of hours.

    Anyway, I think the best comment in that thread is:

    “In contrast, Vim users can only type one key at a time, which has no concept of fingers. That is like an interface for dogs, which can only press one key at a time with their paws.”

  2. In the comments, they mention that Intellisense is going to be in there, just under a different name, since Intellisense is a trademarked. There is a Intellisense for Vim plug-in, though I haven’t tried using it. I am guessing you need to be using something like GVIM for it to work.

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