Mr. and Mrs. Smith

   25 June 2005, the wee hours

Angelina Jolie is gorgeous. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a really good movie, much better than I had expected. The action sequences are really well done, and the movie is quite funny to boot. It would have been a cool movie to watch not knowing anything about it. Anyway, back to my main point: Angelina Jolie is the hotness.

The official Mr. and Mrs. Smith web site



  1. The movie is a perfect entertainer. The chemistry between the two, the hotness that is Angelina Jolie, and the comic relief provided by Brad Pitt. I think Pitt really shines in such roles (‘Snatch’, ‘Ocean’s 11’ etc) as a suave, smooth character.

    [ed. snip.]

    Still the best part of the movie was how it really is a romance with the action and comedy as a setting. In the end, their marriage is the most important thing and worth fighting for. That was cool.

    [ed. snip]

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