My 4 Million Dollar Home

   23 October 2006, late morning

Crumpler opened up a store in West Queen West, which I stumbled upon last time I was in the area. It was closed that day, so I decided to check it out this past Sunday, while I was in the area meeting up with Tyler. I wasn’t planning on going, especially since it was a dreary rainy day, but I’m not usually out in West Queen West so I felt it best to make the most of my time there.

The store is filled with bags on shelves, a giant piano, and not much else. It might look like a chic boutique if not for the fact the bags are so funky. The day I was there, two people were working, and the store was otherwise empty. Everyone was quite nice, but I knew what I wanted, so I didn’t really need their help picking something. I ended up leaving the store with a 5 Million Dollar Home bag. It was quite roomy, and felt it’d fit my camera and massive lens just fine, with room to spare for my other stuff. I trekked home in the rain.

Home again, I filled my new bag with my camera stuff. To say the bag was a bit too huge for my needs would be an understatement. I seemed to have greatly over estimated just how big my camera was. I called up Crumpler and explained I didn’t need such a giant bag. They said I could exchange it today, or during the week if I felt like it. I looked out my window; it was still raining. I sighed.

One subway and one street car later I was back on Queen, walking West. My 5 Million Dollar Home was filled with the camera gear I wanted my camera bag to hold. I got to the store and apologized for being such a flake while the fellow who sold me my bag went and grabbed me a 4 Million Dollar Home. I stuffed my gear into my new bag, and was back on my way. The people at the Crumpler store were still quite nice.

The bag is quite nice. It’s padded, which is a step up from the messenger bag stuffed with t-shirts which I was using since getting my new lens. It fits my camera with the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens just snuggly, with room for another stubby lens. (In my case, this lens is the Canon 50mm f/1.8.) You may be able to fit a lens slightly larger than this one. I can also fit the lens hood for the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L if need be, and my camera’s charger. I don’t normally carry those things around. There is a small pockets on the front of the camera, which would fit memory cards and what not nicely. There is also a mess pocket on the inside of the flap of the bag. In short, there is plenty of space to put stuff.

Its a comfortable bag, and if it lasts a long while, I’d say it is well worth the money. At $70, it is a bit pricey for a camera bag in my opinion, but I am happy with it so far. (All of one day!)

My 4 million dollar home bag.



  1. I just read your blog post about you 4million dollar home. So, after more than one day, are you still happy with your Crumpler? I am tempted to order one, but there isn’t a store locally, so I have to order over the net. I want to be as sure as I can that it’s what I want.

  2. Yeah I like the bag a lot. Keep in mind the 4 million dollar home isn’t too roomy. As I say above, I can hold my SLR with a lens attached, and an extra lens or flash unit. I don’t like lugging around too much gear, it’s heavy, so this works well for me.

  3. I hate to say this, but I don’t want it as a camera bag. I need a gadget bag. The “handbag” style ones don’t have enough pockets. I like the plastic clasps better than just velcro. I wish Crumpler would post pictures with stuff other than a camera in it so you can see it filled with other things. Like they do with their other bags, where you can see them with either beer or books.

  4. Check out the Crumpler group on Flickr. The bag is probably a good size for random junk. The 5 million is a big step up, and the 3 million is really shaped to fit a camera and a long lens.

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