My Delicious Library

   19 August 2007, late evening

I bought Delicious Library a good while ago, but put off importing all my books into the damn program till today. It was about half way though the scanning process that I realized the best way to scan stuff with the iSight is to pass the barcode over the faux-scanner bars moving from the top to the bottom. When I started doing this, the program did a much better job of scanning things. Now that I have everything in this system, i’ll hopefully be able to track my DVDs a bit better. (Right now, my system of emailing random people asking if they have my DVDs works, but I don’t think that scales well.) I have way more books than DVDs, but I don’t really lend them out. (I’m sort of neurotic about my books.) Sadly, Delicious Library actually doesn’t let you do too much interesting stuff with the data it collects. Its a very bare bones application. Version 2 has been in the works for what feels like ages. Hopefully it is a worthwhile upgrade. (I suspect it will be.) As it stands, Delicious Library is essentially a really slick list. Still, sometimes that’s enough.



  1. Just a small note… On windows, you can use the freeware Libra to do the same.

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