My God Damn Shoulder Hurts

   27 May 2008, terribly early in the morning

I have managed to cripple myself. My right shoulder is all sore—again—as I type this. I need a job that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk typing junk into a computer. I remember when I was a co-op at CI Funds, laughing at my boss who said slouching so much was a bad idea. Oh, how stupid I was. Children reading this: sit down properly when you use a computer; get up and walk around when you start to feel stiff; and for the love of god, exercise.



  1. Aeron or mirra chair, no joke. any my dealer will do a trial for you to decide if it’s worth saving your body for several hundred dollars.

  2. Lots of opinions and advice you might have laughed at when you were young is catching up with you. May be you should take the advice by Jody and get a good chair and start exercising instead of blogging late into the night.

  3. Jody, our conversation yesterday makes more sense now. I had thought I missed an IM from you. An Aeron would probably be hype. I think the real issue for me is that are cubicles aren’t really designed for computers. The desks are too high to type comfortably.

    Also, that doesn’t sound like Krishna.

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