My Red PSP

   23 June 2008, early morning

I wish my site was easier to search, because then I could link to all the comments I’ve made in the past making fun of the PSP. (I think my comments can probably be summed up thusly: the PSP was the console you bought if you wanted to play Lumines — and that’s about it. Oh snap!) Despite my making fun of it, the PSP soldiered on. There are two games I really wanted to play that were only available on the PSP: Crisis Core and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. And now that they are both out, the weekend seemed as good a time as any to buy a PSP. I have a red one. The fact they aren’t $400 anymore was a nice bonus. For now I’m enjoying Gods of War: Chains of Olympus: mindless button mashing is makes the subway ride to work fun.

My red PSP



  1. You too, eh? Wound up with one the other week, although mine’s old school black. There are a number of great games out now that I’m going to play / am playing (FF tactics, Patapon, the MGS games, the Syphon Filter games, flow, echochrome etc.) and the best thing is a lot of them are for $20.

    The PSP was the top selling console in Japan for a couple months there, until MGS 4 came out. But unfortunately they don’t port a lot of the japanese games.

  2. Right now the PSP is outselling the DS in japan because of the release of Monster Hunter 2. When my coworker went to Japan a month or so ago he said wherever he went people were playing Monster hunter.

  3. It was outselling everything at one point, including the Wii. And yeah I guess Capcom is putting out new DLC every week for Monster Hunter, which sounds crazy awesome.

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