New Jeans

   27 May 2010, evening time

APC Jeans are vanity sized, so a size 28” is probably a size 30”. When I got into my accident I was wearing a pair of black size 26” APC New Standards. I had just recently washed them, after breaking them in for half a year. The paramedics cut those jeans up the moment they arrived on the scene; the nurses at Toronto Western finished the job. I asked a friend to grab me a replacement pair while they were in New York recently. APC has actual retail space in the city. You can get all sorts of jeans you can’t find here. I asked them to get me the smallest pair they make: size 24” Petite New Standards. They gave them to me today. I may have overestimated how skinny I am. These things are tight. I’m hoping they stretch out over the next few weeks. My last pair certainly did. I’m surprised there is a market for these jeans. I guess it’s just me and those heroin chic supermodels that make teenage girls want to stop eating.



  1. i guess you should stop eating too.

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