Nice Bus Drivers

   22 December 2005, early morning

I’ve had my share of bus drivers that like to wait till you sprint all the way to the front door of the bus before driving away. They dangle the prospect of catching your bus, and then take it away. Jerks. One of the guys that drives the 191 Rocket in the morning is a bus drivers from the other end of the spectrum. For starters, he waited for a lady who works in my office before leaving, because he knew she is sometimes late for the bus. As we were pulling out of Kipling station, he noticed someone had just missed the bus, and turned around and came back to get them. That was nice. If you miss the 191 Rocket, you need to take the Kipling and Dixon buses, which both suck in equal parts.



  1. I also pretty nice. I almost always wait for me to get in the car before driving off. I also, usually make sure who I brought to a venue also makes it to the car before returning home.

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