Nintendo DS: Day 21 (Advance Wars DS)

    5 December 2005, late at night

Advance Wars DS is another great game for the Nintendo DS. I’ve been playing it non-stop for the past week and change, putting aside Mario Kart DS and Meteos to do so. Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game, similar to the various Tactics games available for the Playstation and Gameboy Advance. You control an army, and face off against a rival army. The game is really addictive; I usually play it whenever I have a spare moment. By far the best thing about Advance Wars DS is the absolutely horrible dialog. I’m not sure if the translation team did a bad job on purpose or not—I think they must have, because some of the lines in the game are classic: “You got dropped like a phat beat!” and “Get the plates, ‘cause you just got served!” Bad dialog aside, the game play is great. The game is highly regarded by the people at 1UP. If you have a DS, the game is definitely worth checking out. All it needs is a mode that lets you play over the Internet and it’d be a perfect time-waster.



  1. The dialogue in the DS version is the worst of the series. I don’t know who at Nintendo thought it was a good idea for a CO to use ADD MTV watching teen slang. They might as well have gone a step further as just have him use elite speak: “Jake will pwn j00, n00bz!”

    Otherwise, it is a great and very challenging game towards the later levels.

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