Nintendo DS: Day 30 (Animal Crossing is Engrossing)

   14 December 2005, late at night

There is a cat that lives in my Animal Crossing town called Monique. She collects pink furniture. She was feeling sick today. I was going to get her medicine, but the store in my town was closed for renovations. Luckily, you can play Animal Crossing: Wild World online. I logged into Animal Crossing Live and informed the web site I was looking to travel to another town. A few moments later I was visiting Joebilly in Lattleto. (I am very impressed with how well Animal Crossing Live works; it is a shame the site is so ugly.) I wandered around her town for a bit, talking to the other animals and grabbing some new fruit, and then bought myself some medicine before I left to go back to my town. I visited Monique, who was still feeling ill, and gave her the medicine I bought. She perked right up and thanked me for my troubles. Animal Crossing is strangely engrossing.



  1. aw.. that is so cute!!

  2. I hate Monique so much.She is
    ugly and jealous.I would never give her medicine!!

  3. I hate what you commented about Monique I love that character and that was so mean when you said you would never give her medicine that is stupid of you to hate her Monique is not ugly she’s beautiful she has a cute personality and everything I hate everyone who hates Monique I hate how much people are saying how they hate monique

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