Nintendo DS: Day 76 (A New DS in the Works!)

   26 January 2006, mid-morning

Shima is getting a used Nintendo DS in the near future. I am not sure if she wants one or not. If she doesn’t, I’ll give my Nintendo DS to Krishna I suppose. I must have the new, white, smaller, lighter Nintendo DS. This new DS won’t be out in Japan till some time in March, so I have some time to save up my moneys. I’m not sure when it will make its way over to North America. It looks very similar to the old DS, just lighter and smaller. I’m hoping the ergonomics of the unit are better this time around, though it looks like it will just be more of the same. (The lighter weight may actually help a lot, we’ll have to wait and see.) It seems a bit cold, announcing a new Nintendo DS so close to Christmas, but in Japan there has been a serious Nintendo DS drought, so this news will probably be recieved well.



  1. I am?! :o

    (I don’t see myself playing with it much though, so maybe I can trade the DS for your old game boy with Krishna? please? Unless he doesn’t want the DS either because it’s so huge and ugly looking! :P)

  2. Krishna would definitely take the DS, he loves it. I love it too. It’s one of the best things I’ve bought in recent years. You can have my old Gameboy right now if you want. I think Krishna has the Tetris game though. (I still don’t know who actually owns that game.)

  3. Shawn owns the game and I doubt he would care if I gave it to shima. Also the DS is awesome. If ram doesn’t give me his I may get the slim one myself, or buy it off one of my friends who enjoys buying consoles/handhelds then selling them within the year.

  4. IGN has some specific stats about the new DS.

  5. Japan actually has been importing DS’ from the states, so I’m sure they’ll love this.

  6. If they got any in stock, you want me to grab you one when I go? Or would it be fuked up to do that?

  7. They aren’t out in Japan till March, but if you are in Japan when they come out, then hell yes get me one.

  8. I imported a Lite a few weeks ago. It attracts fingerprints like nothing else, more so than my PSP (maybe it’s just my colour, “Enamel” Navy). I like it though.

    anyone have Tetris? 848184040154

    I’m thinking about getting Animal Crossing though.

  9. Dave has Tetris. He’ll probably pass his info on to you when he sees this. I was thinking of getting Tetris as well. I have slowed down playing Animal Crossing recently, but I think it’s a pretty addictive and fun game. Probably worth the money you’ll spend on it. There are a bunch of really good games coming out soon. I’ve heard Lost in Magic is amazing. The new Mario is looking good as well

  10. I like Tetris because I can pick it up and play a few matches online when I have a minute (I play an MMORPG, so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer without its keeping 100% of my attention).

    if you’re away from a wireless connection a lot, it might not be as worthwhile. That said, there are a lot of singleplayer modes—I’ve just been too busy getting destroyed online to try them.

  11. To be honest, I haven’t played much Tetris. Phoenix Wright arrived the same day and once I started playing that, all my other games fell to the wayside.

    The single-player games are interesting, though. I’ve found that online play is much like MarioKart: either your opponent really sucks or you do, and there’s very little actual competition.

  12. I think you meant to say: either your opponent really sucks or they quit before you win. Have you finished Phenoix Wright yet?

  13. there isn’t much quitting during games in Tetris…mostly because the games end so fast.

    I find the online “ratings” a pretty good measure of players’ skill level…the problem is with Nintendo’s matching algorithm. They should really try harder to find closer matches.

    there’ve been a few times when I played 20-30 minutes’ worth of games against the same opponent, because they were actually fun (read: a good match).

  14. Phoenix Wright is awesome. I finished it last weekend. If you want to play it, let me know.

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