One More Essay

   13 December 2003, early evening

I need to write one more essay before I can say this term is over. I’ve managed to do nothing for the past two days, so I will need to change that if I plan on leaving for Toronto on Monday. Going to Linh’s end-of-term-birthday-christmas party tonight, and I think that should be a lot of fun.

Yesterday I went to Philthy McNasty’s with Cathy, Lien, Flora and Gary. We met Shima and her friends in line. Well, we basically budded very close to the front of the line. We pissed off the guys right behind us, but we managed to make things up by letting them go in front of us. They didn’t let people in for the longest time, but finally the bouncer said, “everyone up to here,” and pointed at the group in front of us. Damn. The problem here was that Shima and company were on one side of the line, and we were on the other side, the side that wasn’t going to be let in. Ghrace sweet talked the bouncer and he let me and my chinaman contingent in. “Everyone except whitey” were his words, or something to that effect.

It was a fun night out. More or less.



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