One Reason Hotmail Sucks

   30 August 2005, evening time

My Hotmail account has been deactivated. However, I still have a fair number of people who try to email me there. I think this is because it is the account I use to log in to MSN Messenger with. The problem with a deactivated account seems to be is that emails sent to the account silently disappear. One would expect the messages to bounce, but no such luck. Anyway, the point of this post was to simply ask that you don’t email me at my Hotmail email address. I have a perfectly good email address here at funkaoshi.



  1. you could make a new msn (passport) account with your funkaoshi email and then save and reimport your contact list to prevent it to some extent

  2. You can import and export your contact list? Now that is something to think about. I’m kind of just want to use ICQ again. Those were good days.

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