9 November 2004, late evening

Thailand is the new Hong Kong. I watched Ong-Bak over the weekend with Mezan, Steph and Carvill plus a bunch of Krishna’s friends. The movie is insane. The plot is simple, a small town village boy travels to the big city to get back the head of a Buddha statue that was stolen from his town. The movie has some excellent action sequences, and you would be at a loss not to check it out. I think the film features almost no special effects, and more then that I think the fights are all done with out wires. It is crazy.

The official Ong-Bak web site.

update: I watched the film again last night with Rishi. The film was as intense the second time as it was the first. I know I basically tell you, the readers of this site, to watch and read everything I read, but this movie is seriously worth watching.



  1. Is this the movie where people almost get run over by a bus while filming?

    It looks to be a good one, where did you get your hands on it?

  2. Mezan bought the DVD. The one where the dude almost gets hit by the truck is this directors follow-up, Born To Fight. That film also looks crazy. I linked to the trailer some time back.

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