Optimus Prime

    9 March 2007, terribly early in the morning

My Optimus Prime figure

Shima bought me an Optimus Prime action figure yesterday. She was in a good mood since she got the Committee of Adjustments job she wanted. I’m always asking her for action figures, and I’m only half joking when I do so. This one is more of a model that a full blown figure. I might leave it at work. My desk has no personality.



  1. I got the action figure before I had heard about the job! 8o|

  2. My desk is pretty dull, too. I do have some action figures at home that I could bring in, now that you mention it. But that would probably just get me into a bunch of awkward conversations with the people I work with.

    Congratulations, Shima!

  3. Congratulations Shima! And congratulations Ram on the Optimus Prime. Don’t know which I’m more excited about… but I’ll take a stab at it and say ‘the job’? ... nah it’s all about Optimus Prime. haha

  4. Are you going to take any cool macros of it and post it on your new photo blog….flickr?

  5. Dude, pics. Also, ASL.

  6. Technically, being a Committee of Adjustment board member isn’t a ‘job’ per se.

    Now, you need a Megatron model!

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