Our Dreams Don't Fit On Your Ballot

   24 March 2005, evening time

I watched the Take, a documentary by former counterSpin host Avi Lewis, on the CBC today. The documentary examines what happened to Argentina after the west grabbed all the cash and ran. It’s amazing to see all these unemployed workers expropriate their closed factories and get them up and running again. This is communism from the bottom up. Fuck yeah.



  1. I believe top-down communism is called fascism. =P

  2. On the same line but a little more indicative of their culture. 1986 Soccer world. Argentina on the throes of depression. Maradona takes them to the cup final with his “hand of god” goal. Argentina beat west germany to win the cup!

    People are so ecstatic that economic downturn takes a full swing north!

    Fast forward to last world cup. Argentinian economy tanking. Soccer team loses. The team makes a national apology.

  3. BTW, there have been only three world cups in which either Brasil or Germany haven’t reached the finals! Talk about dominance. They have been in the finals together only once. It was the last world cup. Brasil have won 5 times. When they won it three times, the old trophy was given to them to keep. They made a new trophy. They are also the only team that has won outside its continent (Argentina won in Mexico, but its still Americas). I made the first bet in my life (a pack of mints) in the 1994 final between brasil and italy. I betted on Italy. Roberto Baggio, the greatest player of his generation missed a penalty! I have been a fan of Brasil since then.

    Isn’t the internet wonderful for finding random ephemera?!

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