People, Calm the Fuck Down

   13 May 2004, early evening

Moveable Type 3.0 Debuts with a Bang

When SixApart announced that they would be billing people for Moveable Type 3.0, to say people started freaking out would be an understatement. There are currently 438 529 603 695 818 trackbacks at Mena’s post on the new pricing scheme. There are 127 comments on the thread about this situation at Metafilter.

Mind you, there is still a free version of the program. People like to bitch I suppose.

I am a fan of Moveable Type. I run my photoblog with the software. I run Shima’s blog with Moveable Type. That said, I don’t feel like SixApart owe me anything. People have been mooching off their work for ages now. If they want to start charging from this day on, it’s their prerogative. The older versions of their software remain free, so what’s the problem?



  1. Information wants to be free! Damn their capitalist realpolitik!

  2. if only bread and milk wanted to be free as well. sigh.

  3. What the? Didn’t I see this post earlier with a much more provocative header?

  4. Heh. I’ll change it back in a sec. I was trying to send a trackback ping to Mena’s post, but it was being rejected. I thought it might be the swearing, but I think she just got sick of all the trackbacks. That or online form I was using didn’t work so good.

  5. For those counting, 246 trackbacks to Mena’s Corner.

  6. 438 trackbacks last I checked.

    Incase you don’t know, that means, 438 people wrote blog entries about this event, and then sent a message to her website letting her know they had written about her entry. There should be 439 trackbacks, but I can’t ping her for some reason.

  7. Ok, I thought I was seeing things! Keep posting the stats, Ram, funny stuff.

  8. If you search for “Fuck Moveable Type” in Google, this entry is number two. Google needs to work on some sort of natural language processing, since people searching for “Fuck Moveable Type” are probably looking for a more mean spirited post.

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